Is the Health Care Reform Act Beneficial or Not?

A hot topic right now is health care for those who have it and those who do not. It is of relevancy to us all.  

To begin on a positive note, I heard a report today that stated, by 2020 every American will see a 15% decrease in the amount they pay to Medicaid taxes, and a 9% decrease in overall health insurance cost.  Of course this is excellent news, right?

As great as this sound it does not negate the fact that the Affordable Health Care Act has had much publicized technical issues since it began just a few short weeks ago.  The media has bombarded us daily with all that has gone wrong. Which begs to question what is really important about this new law and how it affects every individual American.  One would assume the more important information of how to go about enrolling and the costs would be the hot topic.  After all, isn’t being helpful more important and news worthy than being partial and derogatory? Wouldn’t Americans benefit more from useful information and knowledge from local and national news sources? Either way the Act is here to stay.  What does this means to you and your family?