You have done a great job all year and it shows on your P&L i.e. bottom line of your department numbers.  As a matter of fact, you are looking forward to your annual review, because you know that you are not only looking forward to a nice raise but a nice bonus as well.  That’s your thought anyway because you remember the conversation that you had the year before. We all should know that documentation beats conversation any day of the week.  Nevertheless, the day is here and you are sit down with your supervisor and he/she starts by saying that you have done a great job and you have grown your departmental bottom line numbers and they go on and on about praising everything that you have done well.  But, the next things that comes from their lips are we are only giving a 2-3% raise company wide and bonuses is not what we thought they would be. Although you beat 10 0f 10 of your numbers; you get but we are looking to restructure the bonuses next year.  But on the other hand you see new people being hired and you know the company is growing.  What are you really being told?  What’s your net move, as you reflect on the countless hour that you put in putting your family on hold working late night and weekends?