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The culture of Score Recruiting Solutions is built on core values that create the dynamic synergy between SCORE Clients and their SCORE Recruiting Consultant Team.

The fundamental driving force of Score Recruiting Solutions is work in partnership with you to…

       Fulfill your talent management needs

      ✓ Provide incredible client service

       Exceed your expectations

SCORE has an established record of accomplishment of success on corporate searches, working with companies to find the highest quality and diverse candidates for executive positions. With over 50 years of combined search consultant experience working with major corporations, SCORE’s client-focused search approach has proven successful.

SCORE has effectively completed hundreds of major executive searches over the years, helping companies to find qualified and talented employees.


Your Score Recruiting Team provides you with superior service to enable you to maintain your focus on what you do best. Here are just a few of the benefits you receive as a Score Recruiting Solutions Client:
  • SCORE conducts a candid, confidential Client Interview at the initiation of the relationship to determine your needs, communicate expectations, and determine if SCORE is the best fit for you
  • Your personal Recruiting Consultant develops your Position Specification and a customized SCORE Strategic Search Plan to identify qualified candidates based on your criteria, organization culture, and needs.
  • SCORE provides you with a Candidate Follow-up after every Candidate Interview so you will know exactly how to prepare your next move.
  • SCORE provides clients with Weekly Status Reports on all open Searches.
  • Your personal Talent Management Consultant Team dedicates countless hours in researching, identifying, screening, interviewing, and verifying candidate qualifications.
  • SCORE assists you with final offer preparation and negotiations.
  • Following placement SCORE continues to assist you with assimilation of the selected candidate and other post-placement needs.
SCORE is driven to assist you in meeting your Talent Management goals.


Going forward with Score Recruiting Solutions means you win
Stewardship – Feel confident that your account will be managed professionally
       SCORE appreciates your business

Integrity – Expect courteous communications that will be held in confidence
       SCORE maintains high moral character and always acts in your best interest

Competency – Clearly differentiate SCORE’s expertise and abilities to meet your needs
      Your SCORE Recruiting Team are highly qualified specialists in their specialized areas of Talent Management

Teamwork –Expect dedication to serving your needs and assisting you in achieving your Talent
       Works with you as an extension of your hiring staff to ease the Talent Management challenges

Commitment – Expect dedication to serving your needs and assisting you in achieving your Talent Management goals.
       SCORE is committed to fulfilling your needs, providing you with amazing Client Service, and surpassing your presumptions

Diversity – Trust SCORE to activity engage in recruiting for you the best, diverse talent in all areas of SCORE’s specialties
       Understands and cultivates diversity internally and in service to you


In a competitive marketplace, talent management is a primary driver for organizational success.  HR executives state that the “single greatest challenge in workforce management is creating or maintaining their companies’ ability to compete for talent.”

Broadly defined, talent management is the implementation of integrated strategies or systems designed to increase workplace productivity by developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining and utilizing people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs.

Without question, effective talent management provides one of the most critical points of strategic leverage today. Offering enormous business value, talent management is complex and continually evolving.  Because of its significant impact, effective talent management requires considerable time, energy and resources that can rigorously challenge any hiring manager.

Simply stated, SCORE Recruiting Solutions saves you time, energy and money by managing the tasks to find the best talent match for your needs so you can concentrate of running your business.