Score Recruiting Solutions would not be the respected recruiting and job placement agency we are if it weren’t for our high level of available talent. Our pool of candidates are our biggest and best asset and every effort we make to place them in positions that elevate their careers and lifestyles. With a dedicated focus, our system of job placement includes the following:

Coming Together = A Beginning

One of our first goals when working with a new candidate is to develop an understanding of your career goals and the type of organization and culture you desire to work with.

Your personal talent management consultant conducts a confidential consultation to define your strengths, job satisfaction “sweet spots”, areas of development, preferred cultures, and more.

From there, your talent management consultant designs your personalized profile and develops a search strategy to identify organizations that match your talents and objectives.

SCORE conducts a thorough assessment of the client’s requirements to make sure you get the right match.

Keeping Together = Progress

SCORE stays connected with you, providing detailed progress reports on your job search.

Working Together = Success

After the search is completed, SCORE continues to have ongoing communication with you and the client to make sure both parties are satisfied.

How You Maximize Your Career Transition Budget

Score Recruiting Solutions services are conducted at no charge to our candidates, giving you access to top career positions for free!

“SCORE…Your Game-Changing Recruiting Solution”