It’s happened to even the most experienced job seeker: you show up for your job interview on time and enthusiastic; confident and prepared. And there with you is a whole room full of on-time, enthusiastic, confident and prepared others. Perfect. A group interview.

Don’t let the crowd throw you off your game. It’s simply a process that companies are using more and more to streamline the search for qualified candidates. Stick to what you know and keep believing that you’re just as skilled as anyone else in that room and you’ll do just fine. Here’s how to nail any group interview, unexpected or not:

  • Keep it under wraps. It’s likely that you may be included an in an interview with people you know from previous positions, or even, (gasp) your current place of employment. Just try to resist showing your emotions whether you feel anxiety, fear, surprise or even amusement. Don’t make the mistake of assuming anything about any of the other attendees as you never know how you’re being assessed at that very same moment.
  • Keep it friendly. Though you don’t have to go overboard, it is important that you don’t become withdrawn waiting for the interview to get under way. Job recruiters and hiring managers say they appreciate those that initiate conversation and open-minded environments.
  • Keep it comfortable. Try to use the names of other candidates during mixed conversations. Not only will using their names create camaraderie, your inclusiveness is likely to be viewed as strong leadership qualities.
  • Keep it real. This advice is often repeated by employment recruiters ad nauseam but nothing is more helpful. Trying to force yourself to appear super-outgoing and overt will only come off as insincere and even clunky. Though speaking up and being confident is important, just remember its the power of your words and not how you try to punch them through is the important part.

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