recruiting agency Unfortunately, good help really is hard to find. However, we find that that is because those looking are usually searching in the wrong places. Too many of today’s human resource associates depend too heavily on the almighty resume; scanning for those key words or phrases that match the job description. This approach often leads to missing red flags about a candidate’ personality or ability to fit into a company’s culture or mission. Because staff members comprise an organization’s most valuable assets, approaching hiring decisions without forethought can end up costing thousands in training and turnover. These tips can help any manager avoid making a hasty hiring decision that you’ll regret:

  • Write a comprehensive job description. If you simply lay out a menu of job duties and skip what qualities and personal skills are important to be successful, your recruitment agency may be sending you the wrong types of people to begin with. If the job requires extensive. out-of-state travel, or is expected to attend trade shows on the weekends, it needs to be fully explained so that your job placement agency knows not to schedule an interview with the highly skilled but busy single mom who values a flexible schedule.
  • Involve others in the decision. Department managers and staff members know exactly what is important in their coworkers and are valuable sources of information and can help screen out those who may not be a good fit far better than you on your own can.
  • Compile a list of well-though-out questions. Interviews are more fruitful when questions are asked to flush out the personality, skills, goals and personal qualities of the candidate. Ask for examples of how they have exhibited the job skills you are looking for in past situations.
  • Be careful when comparing a new candidate to an ex-employee. Avoid the trap of over-compensating for the disappointments of previous employees in that position. Simply because they had a lack of skills in a certain area, does not mean you should completely focus on finding that skill in a candidate. Remember the full picture.

As talent acquisition professionals, the team at Score Recruiting can help you find that perfect addition to your staff by helping you dig through the mountains of resumes, getting to the nuggets of hiring gold within.

Get in touch with Score’s recruiting agency associates today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the needs of your company and match you to job candidates who can help fill those roles. We utilize a talent network of both locally and nationwide candidates to find the professionals you need on your team. Let us take care of your job placement needs so you can focus on your business.

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