For many people, working with an outside recruiter at some point during their career is inevitable. Depending on a company’s needs, all level of job searches, from senior level to entry level, can be farmed out to a recruiting agency. So, even though a relationship with a direct hiring manager for a company is ideal, you still want to have recruiter relationships. Also, keeping a record of unsolicited outreach by recruiters is a great way to keep track of your reputation and marketability. Below are some strategies for developing relationships with recruiting agencies.

Do Some Research Before Choosing a Recruiting Agency

If you’ve never worked with outside recruiters before, take some time to get to know how the recruiting process works. In the recruiting world there are two kinds of firms: contingent and retained.Contingent recruiters only receive payment if a candidate that they presented to a company is hired, whereas a retained recruiter is paid to handle the search for the new recruit, and is paid regardless of where the person is finally sourced from. Contingent recruiters normally handle entry-level and intermediate-level recruitment, while retained recruiters generally handle more senior-level recruitment work. Recruitment firms also tend to specialize their services towards a particular industry or function. This allows them to really concentrate their recruitment efforts to best meet the needs of a particular field.

What To Do When A Recruiter Calls

If you receive an unsolicited call from a recruiter, take a deep breath. The first thing you should do is make sure that the recruiter doesn’t launch straight into an interview. Most people like to take a little time to prepare for an interview, and if you find yourself feeling unprepared you may not present yourself in the best light to the recruiter. The best course of action you can take on that initial call is to get a feel for the recruiter that is contacting you. Be sure to figure out what kind of recruiting firm they are (contingent vs. retained), what position they are calling about, what positions the recruitment agency specializes in, and the name and address of the recruitment agency. By asking these standard questions, you will be able to get a better feel for the recruiter on the other end of the line and what type of job they are looking to fill.

Connecting With A Recruiter

Many people misunderstand the role of a recruitment agency. When looking for a job they will begin their search by trying to find recruiters to represent them. However, recruiters do not work for job seekers; recruiters represent the employer. The best way to get connected with a recruiter is when they reach out to you for a position. If, however, you are unwilling to wait for a recruiter to contact you, the next best way to get on an agency’s radar is to have one of their clients or a candidate that they have placed recommend you. Recruiters wade through a lot of unsolicited resumes, and having a recommendation by someone they know will help you to stand out.

Bringing It All Together

While there are some particular strategies involved in getting recognized by a recruiting agency, for the most part they operate like any other networking relationship. You must build trust and project your own value to a recruiting agency in order to be noticed. Make sure that they know what you do and what you are interested in so that when those questions arise, they know to consider you. Recruiters also search business networking sites such as LinkedIn, so be sure you have an up to date profile with clear and concise descriptions of your skills and areas of expertise. At Score Recruiting Solutions, our mission is to connect companies with the best candidates for the positions they are having difficulty filling. Contact us today, and see how we can take your career to new heights.