9750172Excepting a job offer when you have a job and understanding what is at stake

You like the job you do. It pays enough so that you’re not struggling. The work hours do not encroach on time with your family (well not too much). The list of reasons to stay are endless but for whatever reason,, you post your resume to see if there is any interest, get an interview, nail it, and an offer is now on the table.And it’s tempting. So what now?

Understand What is at Stake
Here are some questions you should ask yourself when considering a new career step.

  • Is this move about increasing your personal income?
  • Is this move about time or benefits or work environment?
  • Will this new position offer more personal and professional growth; a step up the ladder of opportunity?

What would make a job change irresistible?

Examine and Compare Benefits
Before you go excepting another job offer, you need to factor in the cost of benefits. At your present job, your employer pays coverage for your family at 100% coverage. The new position you are considering has increased your salary by $10,000. The trade off for your new increase in salary is that you are now responsible for paying 50% of your healthcare coverage.

Distance of Travel
When deciding whether or not to take that new position, consider the distance you will now travel to get to your new job (and new parking spot)!Currently, it takes 15 minutes (door-to-door) for you to arrive at your place of employment. Your ride in is a breeze because it flows in the opposite direction of traffic. Now that you have accepted a new position, your travel not only includes the 15 minutes (door-to-door) ride, but you also have inherited the morning traffic that you used to avoid. Frustrated yet? To top that off, you get to pay to park your car in your new parking spot and guess what? No reimbursement!

At Score Recruiting Solutions, we can help determine what factors make a job change worth it to you. Through comprehensive talent assessments and consultation, we work to find a great position that works for you. As expert recruiters, we want nothing more to place you in a position that increases your quality of life.

How does one determine the best choice? Go or Stay? Why? All comments are welcome!

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