1. Tips To Help You In Your Interview at our Recruiting Agency

    Anytime you think about the interview process, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. There is a lot riding on an interview and most times, you are interviewing for a specific purpose, whether that be obtaining a new job, promotion, or a switch in careers. At Score Recruiting Solutions in Peachtree Corners, we have a passion for helping individuals succeed and making career dreams come true. We are alway…Read More

  2. How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

    It's happened to even the most experienced job seeker: you show up for your job interview on time and enthusiastic; confident and prepared. And there with you is a whole room full of on-time, enthusiastic, confident and prepared others. Perfect. A group interview. Don't let the crowd throw you off your game. It's simply a process that companies are using more and more to streamline the search for …Read More

  3. Where Employment Agencies Can Help in Your Job Search

    Understand that looking for a new position is often more work than the job itself. Are you upbeat and optimistic, perhaps because you just got started, or are you tired and discouraged simply because you have been at it for so long? Ā Or just maybe you are somewhere in the middle, feeling that it is going well, of course not perfect, because you are still, after all, searching for employment. No m…Read More