3967079What is customer service?

This is a subject that I could speak on all day!!

Recently I went to a super club that featured a wonderful jazz-band.  However, the customer service will be the thing that I remember as an example of service I NEVER want to receive again!

The customer service was so bad I really forgot how good the band was.

You think because you patronize an establishment, the customer service should be impeccable or at least good enough that you feel compelled to leave a tip.

Please do not get me wrong, I have had great customer service in my travels, however, it has been so far and few between it’s unbelievable. I have found that just because you pay more, it does not guarantee you a great customer experience.  I know customer service is only as good as the mental attitude of the person that is servicing you; however, you would think if I am spending any amount of money in any establishment I should receive a certain level of professionalism and great customer service. As a recruiting agency working with a variety of businesses across different industries, we understand just how important great customer service is to the success of any business.

The goal of SCORE RECRUITING SOLUTIONS is to provide you with the skills of excellence through “Legendary Customer Service”.

Any company that is offering a service or a product should always provide a certain level of service that would bring someone back.   Most times we return because of convenience and a willingness to except whatever we are given.

It’s time for accountability!!!

Please interject your thoughts.

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